When a feed truck rolls over.... it takes a long time to clean up. This happened at 12:29 this morning, and at 8:08 (according to the clock in my camera) it was turned upright again.
I think they were just waiting till I got there and the light was right.


button pusher said...

You are slacking dude. I expect an update everyday.
Did you hear Nick is in Iowa following around Edwards?

James Robinson said...

I'm slacking what just because you made 2 posts in the last couple of hours (first ones in 4 days I might add)you think you can give me shit... Ya I herd nick is zipping around with Edwards, who knows if he wins maybe he will walk into a job at the whitehouse.

button pusher said...

You are suppose to posting all the time because that pushes me to post something.
Nick was telling me that he doesn't think Edwards likes him. I guess because Nick is shooting Edwards more during the unstaged moments, which make for the best pictures.
I actually think I'm leaning toward voting for Edwards, but thats a big maybe.