I'm bored

Just waiting.... for Nick to show up to drive us to Atlanta, and for Andrew to finish printing his portfolio...


The light before Atlanta

Yesterday morning one of our reporters wanted me to come along with her to a senior center while she talks to people about scams facing the elderly. Not a fantastic photo opportunity but just your every day run of the mill assignment. I figured I could find some people playing cards or something. Well of course as soon as we walked in the door all normal activity stoped. The holiday music playing on the record player was turned off and everyone's attention was turned to what we were doing. Due to some time restrictions I had to settle for an interview shot, I would have much rather come back later to get a slice of life but sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it, and after all I kind of like what I came back with.

Anyway I am off to Atlanta... if you are going to be there I guess I'll see you tomorrow


Oh what fun...

With thanksgiving dinner still digesting in my stomach the alarm sounded at 3am... What person in there right mind would wake up at 3am you ask? A person who's assignment it was to photograph Black Friday. Now to be fair my M.E. said that I did not have to wake up at some ungodly hour this year, he was going to be happy with any old shopping picture. Well shopping is boring, and if I am going to have to go to the stores anyway today then I might as well go and get the crazies early in the morning. Any way that is how my day started, I got some OK photographs of things nothing amazing, but it filled the hole in the front page and my editor was happy.
The other part of the lovely Black Friday experience is the arrival of Santa on the square. That is where this picture is from, Santa is turning the corner and coming into view for the first time. Yaaa...



I had three assignments in a little over 2 hours today here is a little something from each...

Remembrance day
Press conferencePlayer of the year portrait


Pictures of Ivy taking Pictures

Some more from today in Gettysburg...

Rembrance Day

Ivy and I went with a couple of friends up to Gettysburg, Ivy needed to take some pictures for one of her classes and I went along to take some pictures for fun.


Just some randomness

Been a strange couple of days, I have not been shooting to much so here are just some little pieces of randomness from my travels...


Cross Country POY

I did our player of the year portraits for cross country today, I have the toughest time with these portraits over all the player of the year shots it must be because there are no props. Anyway here they are...
I have photographed Jordan Jenkins since she was a freshman, needless to say she is an amazing runner. Each year I try to figure out a different way to take her portrait this was this years attempt.This kid can look different in almost every frame... one moment he looked like a goofy little kid and in the next frame a serious competitor. I liked this frame, obviously...



I finally figured out how to download the pictures from my phone, it took long enough I know. So here are a select few. I could not believe how small these files were, there even tougher to work with than D1 files.


Still a sucker

When I first started taking pictures in high school I think I shot more sunsets than anything else, I have envelopes full of negatives of one particular view out the back window of my parents house. When I moved into this apartment 4 years ago I started to take pictures out my kitchen window, they don't have any real purpose, and just randomly show up among my assignments when I am archiving. I just came across this one that I shot last week.


Vet post 3

OK so I think this was my last Veterans day assignment for this year, I think, I am working on Sunday so you never know.
This one started out as one of those, I can do that moments, the original idea was to take a guy who is a reenactor and a vet and do a half and half type portrait. Ya that's a lot harder than it looks. I put the camera on a tripod and was extremely careful about where he was standing and, well it still did not line up.
So this was my back up plan and I think it worked out fairly well.

Vets day the sequal

This one is from a veteran's day assembly at a local elementary school, no its not a cutout they were standing in front of the projection screen on stage.


Light and the elderly

Went to an interview for our veterans day story today, I really liked the light but who wouldn't.


October update

Updated by the end of the first week of the month, not great but not too bad... head on over to the recent section of my website if you want to see what I did last month.


Addicted to ring flash

Maybe addiction is to strong of a word but damn I love this thing... Some people have been asking to see a picture of this contraption and I will try to post one soon.
This is the first POY of the season...


Another election day and since I work for an afternoon paper we do a deadline shoot of people voting in the morning.

Here is a sign...



Ivy and I took a trip to DC with some friends to see a friend. A good time was had by all...



Spent the morning doing a slice of life article for ACW at a barber shop in East Berlin. Twice while I was there customers referred to the place as Mayberry, so how can I argue with them.