When a feed truck rolls over.... it takes a long time to clean up. This happened at 12:29 this morning, and at 8:08 (according to the clock in my camera) it was turned upright again.
I think they were just waiting till I got there and the light was right.



Well I was sitting at work today when Ivy called and said that she just passed a guy dressed as Santa directing traffic, so seeing that it was another boring Monday and I had another assignment out that way anyway I decided to swing by and check it out.
Well I got a feature out of it. For some reason this picture was a lot better in my head I don't know what it is maybe I should have shot It with the 50 or worked the situation a little more, I was only there for about 8-10 min when the guy's foreman started to get a little agitated so I took off, should have stuck around a little longer...


Spent a much needed Sunday in bed, I think I was asleep more than I was awake, but at some point in the day I remember taking this picture, another out the window shot, but what the hell.


Couple of finds from today

Well I finally got out and did some shooting here are a little something from both assignments today...
This first one was an attempt to take a different picture from something that I have shot quite a number of times over the past couple of years.
And the second is just some chairs that struck my interest, don't know why...

Getting back to work

First few days back from vacation is always a bit strange, this week has been no exception. That is my only excuse for not posting much, that and I just haven't been shooting a lot. This is a freelance assignment I shot for a trade publication yesterday. It was a truly miserable day to be outside but I really enjoy shooting in lighting conditions like these, it let me brake out the 50 and shoot wide open with a flash something I rarely do and need to start doing more often. I am still having issues with color for the web nothing looks quite right I am sure I am just being anal but that is my right, right?


Snow in December?

So much for the nice temperatures of Atlanta and North Carolina it snowed here all day yesterday made a real mess. Ah whatever...