Just a little moment

From a school assignment today...
Passport| James Robinson

Dead fish and live seagulls

Some of the Gizzard Shad at Codorus have been dying due to an annual die off so here are some dead fish and fat gulls.
Gull| James Robinson
Gull| James Robinson
Gull| James Robinson



There are nothing wrong with ducks...
Ducks| James Robinson


Moon reflection

Not necessarily a reflection of the moon but more or less a reflection and the moon. Shot this while I was waiting for my ride along this morning.
Moon Reflection| James Robinson

Ride along

Took a short ride along today, nothing much happened but I like the lens flare.
Police| James Robinson


Just a hill

And a sign...
Hill| James Robinson


Just a quick post for now...
So this is not the greatest picture I have ever taken, not even close but it is one that I have been trying to take for a few years now. I keep hearing about these bald eagles that live in the area, I have seen there nest and I know where they like to sit in the evenings... but I have never actually seen one until today.
So here you go
Eagle| James Robinson


November Update

I have gotten so behind on updating the recent work on my website, well here is the November update I'll try to get December up in the next day or so.
Vet| James Robinson


Line of foul

Just a page from Craft's book of birds...
Birds| James Robinson


Old Idea

These are from something that I started to work on over the summer that kind of fell on its face, so I thought I would just share the images. I might try to resurrect the project at a later date in a different format. I'll keep you posted, in the meantime look at some pictures.
Worried| James Robinson
Worried| James Robinson
Worried 2| James Robinson


Old School

No I am not reminiscing about better days of the past, this is really just an old school. They are going to be building a new one and this is some frames of the old one. Kind of beautiful in that classic old well built sort of way.
Catholic| James Robinson
Catholic| James Robinson
Catholic| James Robinson


Look out he's shootin video!

So I've made the leap and shot my first video, I have a lot to learn about these moving picture things but I'm liking it. It really opens up new posibilties in storytelling.

If anyone will watch it that is.

Anyway here it is, more or less about a guy on a bucket.
I have a lot to learn about compression because this little thing sucks there must be a way to make it look better.
If you have any tips, comments, or criticisms just let me know.
And as always thanks for looking


Just some daily stuff from tonight, first time that I got to shoot wrestling since states last year, the light was good and gave some interesting shadows so I left the flash in the bag for another time.Nothing to special this one is most likely one of those images that I like tonight but when I wake up in the morning I will kind of wonder what I was thinking. So I will post it before I know better.
This is just your straight wrestling shot nothing to complicated...

Just tried to add some layers in with the refs legs.
Have a good night all...



Almost all caught up, I was sent up to Ski Liberty to shoot learning to ski the only problem was I had a 1/2 an hour to shoot. Now I know this is me just bitching but I think I could have made a stronger image had I worked the situation more, but that is just me making excuses for not coming back with a stellar image.


These two are from the Cyclorama in Gettysburg I was there last week to do a little update story and I just really liked the shadows on the top of the canvas. The other shot is while I was taking a tour of the new visitor center (where the painting is being displayed)
I put together a slideshow of some behind the scenes type stuff and the chief conservator talking about the shape of the painting. I am not going to tell you this is a good slideshow the sound is lacking much in the way of transitions and stuff but some of the images are cool.

Not that great but it's got someting about it

This is just a random image I took while waiting for a red light to change green. It is a different shot for Hanover considering there are not that many colorful walls and frankly people just don't walk here.


OK so I know it has been a while since there has been anything new to look at here. Part of the reason has been well I have not been shooting much and the other part has been that things have been kind of busy and Just Because fell by the wayside. Well no longer...
This one is from Friday, I was sitting in the office trying to figure out the website to the company credit card when an editor came over to tell me that a school bus had flipped, there were no injuries but still big news anyway.
On a separate note I am still having major issues with web color crap sometimes I can fiddle with it enough to make it look good or in times like this everything just looks flat and colorless and when I up the saturation it looks like crap. What gives. If anyone has found a good source for explaining color spaces and crap let me know.