Where have I been?

I was starting to put together a few posts, when I got lazy and decided to lump them all together into one quick glimps of what my work life was like the past few weeks.

It started out with a big Hole...


A sinkhole actually, they are pretty common in a certain township around here and in the past few years there have been a lot of developments popping up in said township.

It got some people new to the area concerned.

So we did a story... this is a mom walking her kids home from the bus stop over a sinkhole that had opened on her street last year, one of many actually if you look further down the street. (her house was one of the ones in the background of the first picture)


While working on the sinkhole story I photographed another hole, this one was dug on purpose tho, it is a new sewer treatment plant being built.


Then there was a fire a few days ago, no one was hurt thanks to the efforts of a local firefigher who saved a mom and child from a second story window. (I did not get there soon enough to get that picture)


That brings us to yesterday, Gettysburg park people had a press conference to talk about burring the last of the power lines on the battlefield, and getting rid of an old restroom near Devils Den.


Thats it, thanks for looking.


Kinda weird kinda cool?

This one was from almost 2 weeks ago and I have been sitting on it trying to figure out wether it was worth posting or not, most of the time that means no but I decided to share this anyway.
I have a couple of more posts waiting to go up, but have been lazy lately.
More to come soon.
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