Old house

When I first started taking pictures I took a lot of shots of things that didn't move and one of my favorite things was this old farm house not to far from our house that had been destroyed in a fire and then abandoned (or in the opposite order.) I use to go out and try to make interesting pictures of the destruction. Obviously I thought I was cooler than shit for sneaking onto the property and taking pictures of something that seemed so forgotten about. Years later on a trip home from college I noticed that they had knocked down the old house and put up a hotel, ah progress.

So last week sometime I was sent out to photograph another old house, this one was in the process of being torn down to make way for I believe the sign said 2 single family homes. It had snowed that day and I guess the workers that were suppose to be there had taken the day off or just chose to work in a more hospitable climate but anyway I was left to make some interesting pictures of something that didn't move. Well here is what I left with and I hope you didn't waste to much time reading my ramblings...
Old House| James Robinson
Old House| James Robinson

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